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Welcome to the Virtual Reality Storybook. This is a collection of stories from young people around the world, detailing the ways in which we've experienced space throughout the pandemic. The stories you'll come across as you continue on span several scales: the bedroom, the house or home, the neighbourhood, and even international travel.


Many old themes recur and may be familiar: private space, public space, sanctuaries and prisons. Unique to this year, however, is a focus on the virtual. This virtual "space" is not restricted to the indoors or the outdoors. It cannot be locked behind closed doors nor be fully open to the public. It makes up an entirely new dimension of space, one which many of us have lived our lives on over the past 18 months.

18 months. That's how long this pandemic has been going on, depending on where you've experienced it from. With support from the School of Cities Urban Leadership Fellowship, this project captures this time. Happy perusing!

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